Monday, July 12, 2010

Bases, Movement Trays and Flock

I always regretted not doing a better job with my basing in my previous WFB armies. I decided that I wanted to make this new army very consistent with my basing, and extend that out to my movement trays. Nice bases go a long way towards making the army complete. Along with nice bases I wanted strong magnets so that this painted army can sit out in my game room and travel short distances inside of the magnetized movement trays.

After looking around, and doing some reading, I decided to purchase bases, magnets and flocking materials from Gale Force Nine. I ordered movement trays based on my current army list design. I think I am pretty well settled on unit sizes and types, and the trays are pretty standard size anyway. I did order one of the new GF9 horde trays for my Ghoul horde.

Sample from Gale Force Nine Site
After looking at the various basing options I went with the Parched Pasture basing kit. I have always done very simple bases in the past, so I am looking forward to a nice layered effect. This looks like it will provide a suitably Vampire Counts looking base.

Buying bases and movement trays for everything is quite a bit more expensive than other options, but I am hopeful that it will make for a nicer overall army. I am ordering the first miniatures for my army tomorrow, and will be getting started towards building the first 1000 points next week.


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