Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Updated Vampire Counts Army List

My order arrives tomorrow. After much fiddling, this is the army I have decided to build. Very excited to get assembling ans see how this army plays.

I am not 100% decided on the lores for my two main casters yet. The caster lord will likely take either Beasts(very fitting) or Light (completely wrong but oh so useful). The regular vamp caster will either stick with the Vampire lore or use Death. That is something I will need to play around with.

3000 Point List

Vampire Lord (Sword of Strife, Armour of Destiny, Ironcurse Icon, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred)

Vampire Lord (Charmed Shield, Helm of Commandment, Forbidden Lore, Master of the Black Arts)

Vampire (Sword of Anti Heroes, Nightshroud, Ghoulkin, Infinite Hatred)

The Ghoul King (Wight King using Strigoi model) (BSB, The Flag of Blood Keep)

Vampire (Beserker Sword, Flayed Hauberk, Luckstone, Forbidden Lore, Summon Ghouls)

37 Crypt Ghouls + Ghast (Combat Lord and BSB go here - Horde Formation)

28 Crypt Ghouls + Ghast (Combat Vamp Goes Here)

Corpse Cart (stays in 6" of above units)

28 Crypt Ghouls + Ghast (Caster Vamp Goes Here)

20 Crypt Ghouls + Ghast (Caster Lord Goes Here - Behind Horde)

4 Cairn Wraiths + Banshee

2 x Varghulf

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