Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vampire Counts (and other) FAQ's updated

GW has issued a new update to the recent FAQ's that were released for 8th edition. There are a couple of changes, but the most important one for Vampire Counts players is the addition of:

"Break tests
Change to “All Undead units have the Unbreakable and
Unstable special rules.”"
The big change here is that in 7th edition ward saves and regeneration could be used against these "crumble" wounds. In 8th the Unstable rule (BRB 78) states that no saves are allowed. What I find most interesting about this FAQ is that it does not specify what part of the Break Tests section to replace with this new wording. I wonder what happens to the part in the VC army book about each undead unit in the combat suffering the wounds?

There is a link to the page with all of the FAQ's in the sidebar.

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